So, another year has been and gone and what a year it has been.

I have laughed, cried, loved and lost in 2017 and I have also made many memories that I will forever cherish.

Looking back on 2017, there are probably a few decisions and choices that I would like to go back and undo but sadly, I don’t think that is how it works.


So my 2017 started the exact same way my 2016 did and funnily enough the same way my 2018 did, which was waking up with a hangover.



2017 was welcomed in with a lot of cocktails and shots, which caused me to go home by 2 am and also fall down a flight of stairs.

However, I had a great night out and instead of having a New Years kiss, my friends and I had a shot of tequila.





Towards the end of January 2017, I had not only welcomed in the year but I also welcomed my first niece into the world.

She is now no longer bald and I can definitely no longer hold her in one arm and take a selfie.

After we celebrated the birth of my niece it wasn’t long until my birthday came around.


I was celebrating the big 2 1 and I can easily say it will always be a birthday I will remember.

Not only did I have a unicorn cake, I also got to celebrate my birthday at the spa with my best friend and once that was done we then hit the town with my closest friends.

We drank a lot and that is possibly the reason why I ended up passing out and going home in a wheelchair.

I did a lot of partying in 2017. However, I feel being a student was a good excuse to get away with going out a lot. Especially being a third-year student. I thought university was stressful in the first and second year, I really was not prepared for the stress levels I experienced in my last year of uni.


However, I managed to complete my university degree, which is probably to date, my biggest achievement.


The last 2 modules I had to do was producing a magazine with two others and the dreaded dissertation.

The stress was at maximum levels at this point, especially when it came to writing my dissertation.

I just couldn’t catch a break with it. Halfway through the year, my tutor didn’t like my topic idea and with time pressing on, I didn’t have much time to come up with a new idea, research about it and then write it.

With that said, every new idea I came up with was also not going to plan.

In the end, I wrote a 10,000-word dissertation in 3 days.

I mean, I didn’t get a great grade on it, but it still landed me with an overall 2.1 in my degree.



As all of my university work had been handed in, I think I deserved to wave goodbye to University by going to the May Ball.

Now May Ball was just an organised event by the university to allow everyone to dress up, get drunk and have a good time. Similar to a prom but 10x more fun. We had cheap drinks, fun fair games, photographers and someone won me an Olaf toy.

It was overall an incredible night with my friends.









As we got into June, I was preparing to jet off on holiday.

I hadn’t flown in over 10 years due to an irrational fear of flying. However, I overcame the fear and spent a week in sunny Cyprus with my best friends.



You can read all about what I got up to on holiday in my blog post ‘How To Survive A Girls Holiday




Now between June and October, nothing that interesting happened. It was a pretty normal couple of months.


I put my horse, Alaska, out on loan due to not feeling confident enough to ride her since our accident. However, I am now happy to say that she is back with me and we are both enjoying life just like we did before she went.






I also kept up the partying which always resulted in buying a lot of McDonald’s after. If I could even

 guesstimate how much money I spend a year on McDonald’s, I would easily say £500 possibly more.





I Moved to London For 3 Days, which didn’t work out, unfortunately.


However, I also brought my pony back home from her retirement yard which was probably one of the best moments of my year and if you have read my blog post ‘Saying Goodbye To My Bestfriend’  you will know she, unfortunately, only lived a couple more months after coming home.


From the day I knew she was going, it felt like my year had stopped there.





However, I still had things to look forward to.

I graduated for starters.

Which is to date, is my biggest achievement. I never thought I would even go to university, let alone complete it and graduate with a good grade.











I also got to celebrate my favourite holiday of the year, which is Halloween.

I also finally got around to giving special effect makeup a go and I can honestly say, I love it!

It has always been something I have been interested in trying and I think I did a pretty good job!


Once October was finished, November and December passed pretty quickly. It was just my Mum and me on Christmas Day and she still cooked for a family of 4 but I wasn’t complaining.



Before I knew it, 2018 was just a few days away.

I was planning for another New Year party and trying to think of some New Year resolutions, which I didn’t stick to.


All in all, 2017 was a rollercoaster of a year and I’m hoping 2018 will be bring better things.


“New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings” – Lao Tzu


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