As many know, trends change all the time. In the beauty world, you can barely master one trend before something new comes out. Whether that be a product, technique or style. Which brings us onto eyebrows. Eyebrow looks continue to change and looking on the previous years, you realise what a disaster some of the looks were.

Which made me think of what my eyebrows used to look like, from what I could remember I used to have them quite thin. A quick search through the hard drive and GOOD GOD WHAT WAS I DOING!!

I don’t think I’ve ever cringed as much as I did looking through old ‘selfies’ of myself. What’s worse is they aren’t 10’s of years old, the majority are from 5 years ago tops.


So here is the evolution of my eyebrows! (Prepare to laugh) 



It all started from a young age, I grew my very own pair of eyebrows. They were normally hidden by a very questionable haircut that involved having a fringe until I was 12.

I didn’t always have paint on my face but when I did, it was usually of horses.

But let’s be honest, I more than likely didn’t even realise I had eyebrows until I was probably 10.




But once I did realise I had eyebrows, I basically ruined my life. If you can see past the beautiful masterpiece painted on my face, you will see I had quite thick eyebrows. I could have been Cara Delevingne at that point. However, once I reached secondary school, the trend we were stuck in was super skinny brows.

As you can tell from me looking 12 (I was 15), I still thought thin eyebrows looked good, considering they never looked good, I don’t know why I thought this.

I’m pretty sure I had thin eyebrows from the age of 14 – 17, then I realised, HOT DAMN, I looked a mess





Then I thought, you know what I’m gonna just tidy them up, nothing crazy.

One pluck too many, missing half my eyebrow, thinking well now I have incredibly thin AND short eyebrows.

That’s okay, I can draw them in… although at this point our generation hadn’t discovered the art of filling in your brows.

So in other words, I was royally stuffed.



However, in 2014, I saw the light and realised thin eyebrows were not the way. Yes, it actually took me that long to realise thin eyebrows were the worst thing since crocs. Although I had finally come to my senses, I still actually had to wait for my eyebrows to grow which felt like it took a decade.



But they did, they grew, became thicker and then ended up looking like sad slugs?

I mean that’s a slight improvement, right?

Plus can we appreciate how I’ve somehow skipped the ageing process? I basically look the same as I did in the first photograph.





So, essentially, I didn’t actually discover how to do my eyebrows semi-decent until 2 years ago. I actually thought those depressed slugs looked okay. Which honestly doesn’t surprise me considering I had many questionable hair colours/styles also.




I then discovered HD brows and posts of ‘brows on fleek’ and it was like I had stumbled upon a hidden treasure.

I had to learn the way of the fleeky brows, my brows had finally grown to a normal length and all these eyebrows looked so damn good!

A certain product was the main cause for the look called Anatasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, looked good, a little pot, dip your brush in, fleeky eyebrows. Sweet! I wasn’t too keen on the price, but at this point, needs must.

With this tiny pot of chocolatey coloured heaven, I could have the perfect brows! That is if I could actually draw them on correctly, which I’m still working on to this day. However, this cheeky little look for NYE matched with a dog filter, didn’t make me look half bad.





Now pretty much every day my eyebrows look different, I thought I had finally mastered them but turns out I haven’t. One is always wonky or thicker than the other or I’ve put on too much product, just can’t win! But eyebrows are meant to be sisters not twins, however, I think I’d prefer twins!




Once I had gotten the gist of ‘on fleek’ eyebrows, thicker eyebrows were the new trend inspired by Cara Delevingne. Considering the majority of my teen life I had basically stick people arms for eyebrows or as my Dad would say ‘eyebrows like Spock’ (thanks Dad). I was more than excited to have the ability to draw on thicker and fleeky eyebrows.






For my 21st I wanted to go and have my eyebrows done professionally, so I booked in with Candy Rain Plymouth to have HD Brows done and I was not disappointed. They had told me I already had a good natural shape, which stunned me, considering my past with my eyebrows. But all that hard work to grow them into beautiful, fleeky sisters was paying off.


With HD Brows you get them tinted, waxed, threaded, plucked and obviously shaped. After having them done, I didn’t feel like I needed to fill them in because they were already looking pretty good. As you can see from the delightful picture, they almost looked like twins.




It’s been 6 months since I had my eyebrows done and I will definitely be getting them done again! However, for now, I’m trying to sport a more natural, thinner look. Not as thin as they used to be mind.

My eyebrows are still staying ‘on fleek’ just not as thick as they were and if I could give any advice to anyone it would be:


(learn from my mistakes)



  1. Ms Barbara L Kindon
    September 22, 2017 / 10:08 pm

    Love this. So funny. Like the eyebrows as they are now. xx

  2. Queby
    September 23, 2017 / 8:20 am

    I overplucked in the 60’s and barely have eyebrows at all now….good advice and great blog!

  3. October 24, 2017 / 4:55 pm

    Dear Hannah,
    I definatly know what you mean about taking so long to realize thin eyebrows are NOT the way to go! Mine are pretty thin to begin with naturally but apparently not thin enough; I use to pluck it to be about one hair thick if I can even use that word more like one hair thin.
    I tried to upload a photo but guess you can’t on a comment but believe me they were. I’m still trying to grow mine out.
    Love Always,
    Cinthia Grace

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