I will start this blog post off by saying, you will literally be trying to survive getting through your days at university.

I found them to be the most stressful days of my life, but that may be because I had other fish to fry as well as this big Catfish.


Now I use the term Catfish to describe University because you see it portrayed as this big happy adventure,

where you’ll meet loads of new people, have parties, go to social events, you’ll also be working really hard, getting top grades, getting along with your class, plus you’ll sometimes imagine your university looking like the ones you’ve seen on TV (normally American colleges).


But…in reality, you’ll be stressed, not sleeping properly, drinking more than you probably should, not understanding your lectures, 99% of the time wanting to throw a book at your class mates, and probably living on the University’s campus which will do anything to cut back on costs.


However, you could go to your hometown’s local university like I did, to potentially live in a better environment because despite living in a big house with people you could be friends with, there is nothing quite like home.

What also comes with living at home is you have your family, your bed, actual good food, not pot noodles and pasta and FOMO. If you do not know what FOMO is, it’s the ‘Fear Of Missing Out’. 

Despite being able to have your own comfy bed to lie in at 10 pm on a Friday night, if you were living in student accommodation, you could be preparing for a wicked house night out. Which kinda makes you regret staying at home, well I know it sometimes did for me. Although I did go to some amazing events such as May Ball!


But back to the nitty gritty. University is straight up hard unless you’re some super genius, you’re going to be stressed with the work load because you will more than likely prioritise student nights out. I mean £1 drinks, you can’t go wrong there.

I remember having my notebook and rather it be filled with constructive notes, it was filled with half written sentences (because the lecturers always change slides too fast) and notes to my friend like ‘what’s going on’ ‘do you understand this’ ‘help pls’.


I always felt a little bit lost and out of place and that may be for the fact is I’ve never really liked education. In fact, my entire family was shocked when I said I had applied for university.

(I mean I don’t blame them I’m shocked I have actually finished university *spoiler*)

When I got to my third year, because I did some how manage to get that far. I thought, “right Hannah one more year to go, you’ve nearly finished, it can’t get any harder”.

Oh how I was wrong, just the thought of having to do my dissertation made my blood pressure rise. It was especially difficult for me because my tutor didn’t support any of my dissertation ideas, and instead of pointing me in the right direction, kept sending me down dead ends (but that’s over with now, still bitter as you can see, hey if you’re reading this tutor!).


On top of the dissertation, we had several other assignments to do, including the dreaded group projects. Which let’s be honest, everyone hates group projects.


However, some how, I made it through 3 years of university. Although I had many thoughts of dropping out I persevered. Which I’m extremely glad I did. Some of my grades may have been a little bit rocky, but I managed to finish university and I’m going to be graduating with an Upper Second Class Honours.


Safe to say, with all the ups and downs I went through, especially in my last year, I cried when I had my results as I really thought I wasn’t going to get a 2.1.


But, through all the rollercoaster emotions, the stress, the frustration, I couldn’t be happier I went to university, I have had an amazing time there. I met my best friend, met some incredible people, more than likely partied too hard, got to do some fabulous projects and now I’m waiting to graduate.








My one piece of advice to someone thinking of going to university would be this:

Only go if you really want it, because despite being able to drop out, you will waste a lot of your time, a lot of your money and you will lose a lot of confidence in yourself. Make sure it’s something you want.






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  1. Barb Kindon
    September 8, 2017 / 3:08 pm

    Nothing ventured , nothing gained Hannah. You ventured and you gained. Am proud of all you do. x

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