If you’re like me you’re desperate to get away in the sun this year, especially if you live in the UK! As much as I love the United Kingdom, it can lack on the heat and the sunshine sometimes.

Luckily for me, I managed to go away with a couple of friends to sunny Cyprus back in June. Now that I’m home, I really wished someone braced me on what it was going to be like going away with friends on a ‘Girls Holiday’.


First of all, you have got to pick the right destination you’re all going to love, which if you are looking for a party holiday like we were, it shouldn’t be too hard. We originally chose Zante but ended up going to Ayia Napa due to complications (it was a bonus for us). Now again if you’re like me you’ll pretty much buy all your summer clothes pretty early on to be well prepared, or you can be like my friends and leave everything to about 2 weeks before. Either way, you’re probably going to stress over outfits.


Plus ensuring you have everything you need before you fly is horrendously stressful, I packed/unpacked my suitcase 7 times, just in case I was forgetting something, I really don’t know how unpacking multiple times would help. I also had the fun of cramming 3 people, 3 suitcases and multiple bags of snacks into a Citroen C1, and then driving us all to Cardiff airport. Along with I had a fear of flying so the journey was awful as I was trying to mentally prepare myself.

(I no longer have an irrational fear of flying now that I have been away, I literally have no idea why I was so scared!)


So once we got there we went from the UK which was around 13/14°c to Ayia Napa which was 26°c when we landed at 10 pm. Safe to say I was sweating! I don’t think I’ve ever felt the heat like it before and this was just in June!


We had booked through Thomas Cook’s 18-30 holidays, so we had reps that sold us packages for events such as boat parties, paint parties, beach parties, etc. Basically, they make your holiday pretty easy and incredible. I won’t lie, it’s not the cheapest option to get to events, but you always had help if you needed it, plus all your travel is included and a lot of free open bars.


So now that you’ve walked through getting to your holiday destination with me, here are my top tips while you’re out there:


It may sound stupid and obvious but seriously, apply regularly, if you get in the pool/sea/water REAPPLY! I was constantly putting it on and I still managed to get burnt because I jumped in the sea and didn’t reapply.


Again, may sound obvious, but my friends and I fell out or wanted to do different things a couple of nights, and it happens but don’t wander off alone. I did and I had multiple locals/tourists approaching me, probably thinking I was vulnerable, and it did almost end up with me hitting a local because I was alone and being stalked.


Every event you get the chance of going to, go to it! Make the most of it while you’re there, else you may regret it!


You may be feeling ill or not hungry, but at least have breakfast, especially if you’re drinking and especially if you have any medical problems. My friend has diabetes and on our last night she ended up in the hospital (she was all okay)!


Along with eating, drink lots of water, you don’t realise how dehydrated you get, I would drink at least 2/3 glasses before I went to sleep because the night can be the worst. Plus in some countries don’t drink the tap water! In Ayia Napa, it makes you severely ill!


For some, you may not get to go on holiday all the time, this was my first in 6 years (mainly due to fear of flying). Create incredible memories, have a laugh, be spontaneous, go crazy, be safe and have a holiday you’ll never forget!


I had such an amazing time and I’m so happy I did it and overcame my fear of flying! I made so many friends over there, and we have a reunion festival in November, so you can prepare yourselves for the Reunion post!

Hopefully, you enjoy my holiday memories that luckily I didn’t look too sunburnt in!

The group: Me, Charlotte & Jess

Jess & Me

Me and someone I met over there, Stuart, plus two lads who I didn’t even realise were in the photograph!

The second Boat Party

Paint Party (spot lobster Hannah)


Second Boat Party again, safe to say, I was loving life and I would do it all again!




  1. Corinne Bygrave
    July 19, 2017 / 6:06 pm

    Bae! Don’t know if I’ll need all of these tips for Paris 😉 but I’m OBSESSED with your blog, keep slaying bbyg ❤️

  2. July 19, 2017 / 8:33 pm

    Nice blog Hannah! Looking forward to see what else you have planned! 🙂

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